Zaza Pachulia's son goes full Steph Curry in youth league game

Like father, not like son. At all.

Zaza Pachulia has a very specific approach to the game of basketball, and that approach is an unheeding and all-consuming pursuit of the round object.

His game is unadorned and unpretty, but it pays the bills and serves a purpose, even on a Golden State team where offensive rebounds feel more like a rare mix-up at the post office than a constant necessity of the game.

That being said, the apple has fallen far, far from the tree in the Pachulia family, as the man himself noted on Saturday with a tweeted video of his son playing basketball. While dad toils in the trenches, his child is out here hitting game-winners from Steph range:

Ah, yes...further evidence that Stephen Curry's style of playing is poisoning the minds of babes and ruining the sport as a whole at a grassroots level. It starts with half-court jumpers, and next thing you know, you're in an alley shooting up Peja Stojakovic highlights and putting DeAngelo Russell ice in your veins.

Safe guard your lineage, Zaza. No son of yours is going to leave the family business of hand-to-hand basketball combat behind and run off to hit jumpers. NOT TODAY.

Dan is on Twitter. He will raise his children to be noble, salt-of-the-earth glue people of the basketball kingdom.