Wrestling fans are going crazy over this acrobatic match in Japan

New Japan Pro Wrestling's annual Best of the Super Juniors tournament is underway, and Ricochet and Will Ospreay put on a non-stop, high-flying display of athleticism that you'll probably either love or hate.

Wrestling legend Vader, who spent many years wrestling in Japan, was critical of the match and compared it to a gymnastics routine. Vader's argument is that Ricochet and Ospreay aren't wrestling so much as they're obviously working together to pull off a series of incredible spots.

Ricochet responded to Vader's critisim on Twitter, and was backed up by a number of fellow wrestlers.

"People don't understand that "professional wrestling" is an art. And much like any art, there are endless ways to express it. It can LITERALLY be anything the performers in the ring want it to be."