Wide-open NCAA? Time to find out, as mosh pit of hoops really get rolling over next 2 days

After two more games on Wednesday, not to mention a reconfiguring of the Big East Conference, it's time for the NCAA tournament to really get started.

Sixty-four teams. Thirty-two contests. All going down in an exhilarating — and, yes, exhausting — two-day mosh pit of hoops.

By the time it's all done late Friday, we should have at least some of the answers to the most pressing story lines: Is this tournament as wide-open as everyone says it is? Can all those so-called little guys prove themselves worthy of the invitation? Will the refs call more fouls than they did during a low-scoring regular season that often resembled wrestling more than basketball?

This much is for sure — there won't be a repeat national champion. Kentucky's season is already over.