When he retires, Julian Edelman wants to be a 'human cannonball'

When a player retires from the NFL, he usually tries to get a job in the media -- be it television or radio. When New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman retires, he plans to take a less conventional approach.

"I want to be a human cannonball," he said via MassLive.

It's not the most typical of career moves, but it seems like something Edelman wants to pursue. And for those wondering what a human cannonball is -- it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a stuntman that gets shot out of a cannon for the enjoyment of an audience.

With Edelman's history of bouncing off of defenders and soaring through the air towards the end zone, it actually fits as a career path. Whether he'll actually pursue it, no one knows. But it's an interesting idea at the very least.

(h/t MassLive)