Watch Real Madrid players roast the Granada manager for dressing like a waiter

Granada manager Tony Adams had to know he was in for a rough day against Real Madrid on Saturday. After all, the Merengues are one of the best teams in the world and Granada are second from the bottom in La Liga.

Still, that doesn't mean he couldn't dress up, and dress up he did … like a waiter. Something that was not lost on the Real Madrid players, who had some time to joke on the bench en route to a 4-0 win.

That's harsh, but …

Yeah, the Merengues may have a point there.

And because the internet never sleeps:

This is just cold. Adams is already managing a team bound for relegation. He doesn't need this too. Let the man live.

Then again, when not dressing like a waiter, he likes to wear polo shirts with track pants.

Yeah, this is indefensible.

Roast on, Real Madrid. Roast on, internet. It may be a cold world, but it ain't wrong.