Watch Neymar score a goal from a rooftop kicking across Hollywood Blvd

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Neymar's only 25 years old, but he has a number of accomplishments under his belt. He's won La Liga twice, the Copa del Rey on three occasions, the Champions League in 2014/15 and just won Olympic gold last summer. He added another line item to his resume this week: score a goal across Hollywood Boulevard.

The Barcelona star joined "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to accomplish the feat, going to the rooftop of the El Capitan Theatre to launch his shot across the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kimmel's assistant and unabashed Neymar fanboy Guillermo was tasked with trying to stop the Brazilian's attempt on net. Here's how it went:

OK, so it took three attempts, but still. The pressure was on and it wasn't exactly a tap-in. Plus, that tiny patch of turf Neymar had to work with looked awful dicey. With the help of super-scientific tools (read: Google Maps) at our disposal, we were able to get a rough calculation of just how far Neymar had to launch that ball.

To put that into perspective, that'd be like shooting from the halfway line … or within the center circle at the very least. With all the factors in play, it's understandable why Neymarwasn't automatic with the attempt.

Side note: Thankfully he was able to hit it as quickly as he did. Odds are very few people trying to drive around Los Angeles were pleased with a major throughway being shut down for a stunt.


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