Triple H explains why 'amazing' Shinsuke Nakamura is a must-see WWE superstar

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Wrestling fans got a nice surprise on Thursday, when WWE and video game publisher 2K Sports announced that NXT superstars such as Apollo Crews, Nia Jax, and the incomparable Shinsuke Nakamura will be playable characters in the upcoming WWE 2K17.

Nakamura, an absolutely incredible wrestler whom you need to be watching if you aren't already, will feature on the cover of a special edition of 2K17. And to promote the release, both WWE vice president (and former heavyweight champion) Triple H and Nakamura took part in a wide-ranging conference call to talk about Brock Lesnar, how amazing Nakamura is, and probably a few other things.

We didn't bother remembering those, however, because all that matters is how awesome Nakamura is. As Triple H told reporters, the hypothetical future heavyweight champion (that's right, we're calling that one) is a must-see performer who can't properly be described.


You have competed against top superstars around the world. How rare of an athlete and performer is NXT star Shinsuke Nakamura in your eyes?

I have watched a lot of guys over the years and there are certain talent that you're just drawn to, and that's charisma and X factor and all those things. Shinsuke brings something to the table that I haven't seen for a long time. He brings a level of charisma, a level of showmanship, that you don't see a lot of times with guys that have an aggressive style, with the striking and skill set, that he does. He's an amazing athlete.

I think he's somebody I had my eye on for a long time as far as being part of WWE as a whole because I think he's that different level of performer. He's one of those guys that is harder to explain what he is because when you start to begin to say it, it doesn't do it justice. You kind of just have to say, 'You just have to see him.' Once you see him, you want to watch him again. He's that kind of performer.

It's a bit of a copout to say words can't do a person justice. In this case, however, Triple H is 100 percent correct. If somehow you're a WWE fan who hasn't seen Nakamura, you need to check out his match prior to WrestleMania 32 from earlier this year. It was easily the best in-ring work of the weekend.

Everything Nakamura does oozes personality, from the flick of an eyebrow to the stunningly stiff delivery of his blows. Chemistry with his opponents is never a problem, because Nakamura is a one-man catalyst. He could wrestle a five-star match with a tree trunk -- and probably figure out a way to put over the dead piece of wood. He was a maniac in New Japan Pro Wrestling; WWE made the wise decision not to water down his gimmick much, if at all, and it's paying dividends.

On top of his time in NJPW, Nakamura is also a former MMA fighter. In his last match, he defeated a much larger opponent via submission. Given the venue, his celebration was pretty subdued; it was certainly nothing like his current antics, which fellow superstar Kevin Owens parodied recently before the two put on one hell of a match. Oh, and Chris Jericho did, too, just because everyone wants to be Nakamura.

Speaking of bigger opponents, Nakamura was asked who his dream opponent in wrestling history would be. His answer? Andre the Giant. Apparently, we have a new giant-slayer on our hands. Move over, Rey Mysterio.