Tom Brady sent Isaiah Thomas an encouraging text after winning the Super Bowl

The Boston Celtics have yet to return to glory since the Big Three disbanded, but the team appears to be on the rise and in the midst of its most successful season in years. Leading the way for the team's resurgence is the "Little Ticket" Isaiah Thomas.

There seems to be some debate surrounding whether or not Thomas is a legitimate superstar that can carry the Celts back to basketball's promised land, but the point guard has a very promising supporter in his corner: Tom Brady.

Aside from Brady maintaining a friendly relationship with the local basketball team -- the Celtics brought him along as part of their pitch to land Kevin Durant last summer -- he and the point guard share a very mutual respect for one another.

According to Thomas, the Patriots quarterback texted him after winning Super Bowl LI and delivered a motivational message.

I'm sure it's nice when one of your city's fellow sports stars puts his confidence in you like that, but it has to mean a heck of a lot more when the other guy has five rings and is considered by many to be the greatest to ever play his sport.

Even with that extra encouragement, though, the Celtics will have their work cut out for them trying to unseat the Cavs in the Eastern Conference if it comes to it. However, Thomas has been overwhelmingly dominant in the fourth quarter this season and, as Brady will certainly tell you, success in the fourth quarter is a major step towards earning hardware.