Through good and bad, BYU's Juergens twins double their pleasure, pain

Brothers Mitchell and Garrett Juergens have had the luxury of having each other to think about during their respective college football careers.

And then, there's the fun stuff twins can do.

As Garrettl walked into church yesterday, he was greeted by someone who greeted him enthusiastically following the BYU win.

"Nice catch!" some of them said.

The problem? Well, his identical twin brother Mitchell caught the game-winning touchdown pass, not him.

"For a second, I want to play it off just not to make them feel awkward," Garrett said, smiling. "But that could go on for the whole season. I have to correct them. I had to tell them, 'That's my twin brother, not me.' I'm in a married ward and people should know that I'm Garrett. (Mitchell is not married.) But still people came up to me."

(h/t Deseret Morning News)