Throng of Irish fans serenades random man on a balcony in Paris

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There have been numerous reports of fan violence and unrest at several Euro 2016 host cities and stadiums, but it's not all bad news coming out of France. A video of Irish fans in Paris has begun making its way around the internet, and it's a great reminder of the true fun that can come from these massive international competitions.

The video, purportedly of a French man and a throng of Irish fans, shows the two unlikely parties becoming fast friends. The man, who appears to live above the Harp Bar in Paris, drew the attention of the crowd of fans outside the Irish pub.

The man emerges from his home onto the balcony much to the delight of the mob, then retreats to their chagrin. The back and forth continues, until finally the man just accepts his fate and decides to have fun with it. He riles up the Irish crowd, throwing his arms around as the crowd cheers, like Aladdin/Prince Ali addressing his adoring subjects.

This shows the spontaneous fun that can arise from events like Euro 2016. Where else would a group of Irish fans serenade a random man on a balcony in Paris if not for the tournament? Hopefully more stories like this, and less like the stories in Marseilles, keep coming as the competition rolls on.