The wild life: Maddon brings petting zoo to Wrigley Field

CHICAGO (AP) Now that's living the wild life!

With the Chicago Cubs closing in on their first playoff berth in seven years, quirky manager Joe Maddon has turned Wrigley Field into a mini-zoo.

Before the Cubs played the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday night, a small petting zoo was set up in the left-field corner for players to enjoy with their children and families. There was a sloth, a penguin, a snow leopard and a flamingo on display, as well as other animals.

The flamingo, named Warren, made an appearance at Maddon's pregame media briefing and strutted in front of reporters.

The animals were brought in by the Columbus, Ohio, zoo and were the latest example of Maddon exposing his players to the wild life. When he was managing the Tampa Bay Rays, Maddon brought in cockatiels and other exotic creatures for the team.