The Trinity miracle: A play-by-play

Here is the sequence of the Trinity play, broken down by every instance in which the ball changed hands:

The Pass (Barmore-Thompson)

Trinity quarterback Blake Barmore (No. 13) took the snap out of a 5-wide shotgun set at the Tigers' 40-yard line, stepped up in the pocket and completed a pass over the middle to Tigers wide receiver Shawn Thompson (No. 80) at Millsaps 49-yard line.

Lateral No. 1 (Thompson-Curry)

Thompson cut back to his right and reached the Majors' 44, then turned around and tossed the ball to wide receiver Riley Curry (No. 7) a few feet away on the Majors' 47.

Lateral No. 2 (Curry-Hooten)

Curry advanced the ball to the Millsaps 43-yard line, where he was grabbed by a Millsaps defender near Trinity's sideline. Before he could be downed, Curry lobbed the ball back to offensive lineman Josh Hooten (No. 50), who caught the ball around the Majors' 45.

Lateral No. 3 (Hooten-Tomlin)

Hooten immediately flipped the ball behind him to wide receiver Michael Tomlin (No. 3), around the 47.

Lateral No. 4 (Tomlin-Arnold)

Tomlin had a pair of Millsaps defenders on him almost instantly and quickly pitched the ball back to offensive lineman Stephen Arnold (No. 68), around the Majors' 48-yard line.

Lateral No. 5 (Arnold-Thompson)

Arnold immediately turned and pitched the ball to Thompson, who caught the ball in stride around Trinity's 48.

Lateral No. 6 (Thompson-Maddux)

Thompson sprinted left, back towards the middle of the field, but was not able to make any forward progress. Just before he could be tackled, wide receiver Brandon Maddux (No. 25), who was waiting behind Thompson at Trinity's 46, received the quick pitch.

Lateral No. 7 (Maddux-Curry)

Maddux took the ball and cut back in the opposite direction, to the right, towards the Trinity sideline. He raced across the field and down the sideline, all the way across midfield to the Majors' 43. As defenders closed in on him, Maddux picked up a block from Tomlin that gave him just enough time to turn around and find a waiting Curry at midfield.

Lateral No. 8 (Curry-Maddux)

Curry caught the backwards pass and was able to reach the Majors' 47 before being pinned on his own sideline by closing Millsaps defenders. Curry threw the ball back to Maddux as he was being pushed out of bounds.

Lateral No. 9 (Maddux-Barmore)

Maddux caught the ball on Trinity's own 45 near the Tigers' sideline. With two Millsaps defenders closing quickly, he passed the ball across the field to Barmore, who caught it in stride at Trinity's 42.

Lateral No. 10 (Barmore-Thompson)

Barmore took the pass and sprinted around the left side all the way down to the Majors' 34. As he was being tackled, he turned and threw a backwards pass to Thompson.

Lateral No. 11 (Thompson-Curry II)

Thompson caught the ball around the Majors' 37, on the numbers near the Millsaps sideline. He advanced to the Majors 30, stopped, turned and threw a pass to his right to Curry.

Lateral No. 12 (Curry-Tomlin)

Curry caught the ball in stride at the Majors' 36. He retreated behind the 40 to avoid a defender then cut back to the right. Curry ran past one defender near the Majors' 40 and pitched the ball backwards to Tomlin just before being tackled around the Majors' 37.

Lateral No. 13 (Tomlin-Hooten)

Tomlin caught the pass at the Majors' 41-yard line in the middle of the field with no defenders near him. He raced to the right and managed to flip the ball back to Hooten at the Majors' 30 before being tackled by a pursuing Millsaps defender.

Lateral No. 14 (Hooten-Maddux)

Hooten caught the ball and pitched it to Maddux who was waiting on the Majors' 31, near the Trinity sideline.

Lateral No. 15, Fumble, Score (Maddux-Curry)

With several defenders closing, Maddux attempted a backwards pass, however the ball was tipped as he released it and bounced to the turf (technically making it a fumble) and into the waiting hands of Curry, who took the ball at the Majors' 34 in the middle of the field, picked up a block and raced past the last Millsaps defender for the score and the win.

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