Terrell Suggs uses a hilarious fake name to crash Dak Prescott's conference call

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Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys pits two teams who excel in completely opposite facets of the game. The Ravens have the No. 1 defense in the league and have allowed the fewest rushing yards of any team. The Cowboys, on the other hand, lead the NFL with 161.0 rushing yards per game.

The game will likely come down to which team can win in the trenches when Dallas tries to run the ball. However, when Dak Prescott drops back to pass, he'll be pressured by one of the league's top pass rushers in Terrell Suggs.

Kind of like the way he was put in an awkward spot Wednesday when Suggs crashed Prescott's conference call as "Hacksaw Smithers." Smithers, being a good journalist, obviously asked Prescott about his thoughts on Suggs.

"Yeah, I mean Suggs is great," Prescott said. "He's a guy who's been playing well in this league for a long time. We know how special of a player he is."

This almost rivaled Rex Ryan jumping on Julian Edelman's conference call, posing as Walt Putalski to find out who was playing quarterback for the Patriots against the Bills. Almost.