Sporting CP sign 5-year-old boy fighting cancer named Francisco

Sporting CP might be spending the bulk of their transfer window trying to keep poachers away from star midfielder Joao Mario, but they pulled off a tidy bit of business over the weekend that surely is life changing.

The Portuguese club announced the signing of a 5-year-old boy named Francisco, who is battling cancer. Sporting pulled out all of the stops, setting up a full photo shoot for Francisco alongside team president Bruno de Carvalho on Sunday.

Furthermore, Francisco was given the honor of leading out the team and kicking off the first match of the season.

"He is the big signing of the night," de Carvalho said. "He is a big name who will show everyone what Sporting is all about. The club is 110 years old and it is with people like Francisco that we will easily last another 110."

Bravo, Sporting. Charitable acts like this help remind us of the good guys in sports.