SOCHI SCENE: Demchenko's skewers

Albert Demchenko got the celebrity treatment at the Sanki Sliding Center after the Russian star completed what's widely expected to be his final luge race. Photos with volunteers. Autographs for fans. Free meat.

Wait. What?

Demchenko was brought into the media area at the track late Thursday night for a news conference after he helped Russia win silver in the inaugural Olympic luge team relay — and probably his final time going down any luge track as a competitor.

When the questions were all asked and answered, Demchenko was taken into an adjacent dining area, almost providing him a respite from the volunteers and others who were surrounding him and looking for photos.

He walked out with his hands loaded with skewers of meat, which he was chomping on as he walked into the night. After two medals — he also was second in the men's competition — a little free food seemed like a just reward.

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