Roy Williams reveals why Michael Jordan missed North Carolina's championship win

whose game-winning jumper delivered UNCs 1982 national championship

appearance on the Dan Patrick Show

People asked me the last day and a half if he was going to come. And I said he hasnt called but guys, knowing him, hes going to say I went last year and you lost. And so thats what I was thinking. Our assistant AD Clint Gwaltney, we were walking to the bus last night and I said I want to bet you a dollar, Ill give you about any odds you want, but Ill bet you theres a text message from Michael or a voicemail from Michael and hes going to say something about coming last year. And sure enough, I got on the bus and got my phone out of my backpack so I left it on the bus. I had quite a few messages and one of them was from Michael, so I collected some money last night.


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