Rousey's coach doesn't agree that Holm got the better of UFC 193 striking exchanges

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In addition to largely having her clinch, takedown and submission game shut down at UFC 193 by Holly Holm, former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey got badly tuned-up with strikes on the feet. That's why it was a bit surprising to read her head coach Edmond Tarverdyan deny that, post-fight.

"I wouldn't say in the striking game she was getting the best of Ronda, you know, but I have to watch it again," he told ESPN.

"But we know this was not a striking match: we know that Ronda is smart enough to take the fight where she is best at and today she did. Holly stopped an attempt on an armbar and stopped some of the takedowns. She did a good job."

Indeed Holm did. Rousey fought gamely and with courage, but was completely unprepared for Holm's movement, pace, and well-timed strikes. The two-time Olympian tired and lost balance once she wasn't able to storm through Holm, take her down, and finish her quickly.

From there, Holm put on a striking clinic that started with her balance and footwork. Of course, Rousey has nothing to be ashamed of in fighting as hard as she did.

She probably could have lasted longer if she didn't fight so doggedly in response to Holm's onslaught. Her coach recounted how the former champ apologized to him, after losing for the first time in MMA.

"[Ronda] apologized to me, and I told her that you are still the best and we'll talk about what the plans are after she rests," he said.

The coach is wise enough to agree that Rousey could do with some serious rest and recovery. We think so, and it looks like the fighter herself still plans on doing that.

"Certainly the girl needs rest. It's not easy to deal with everything she has been dealing with. She needs time to rest, and after she rests we'll figure out what is best for her career."