Robbie Lawler: Tyron Woodley isn't my teammate

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The main event at UFC 201 is being billed as teammate versus teammate, but that's not exactly accurate according to welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

Lawler trains out of American Top Team in Florida and his opponent Tyron Woodley is part of the same gym -- technically speaking.

See, Woodley actually runs his own American Top Team affiliate gym in Missouri and he will carry the same gym flag into the Octagon on July 30.

But Lawler cautions those who call them teammates because he says it's not actually true.

Lawler respects Woodley representing American Top Team, but the top ranked title contender has never been in the gym helping him prepare for upcoming fights. So why would he consider him a teammate?

"Woodley was there before me, he's been part of ATT (American Top Team) long before I got there, but he hasn't been down in Coconut Creek doing his training camps. Like I don't think he's been down there for two years and he was rarely down there before so I don't really look at him as a teammate," Lawler said during a recent media scrum in Los Angeles.

A teammate's a guy who's in there everyday grinding, making other guys better, and building the atmosphere. He's definitely part of the ATT family but he's not one of my teammates. -- Robbie Lawler

Lawler has actually never really trained alongside Woodley even when he has visited the main academy in Florida, so there's no conflict of interest when it comes to their fight at UFC 201.

Lawler sees Woodley as just another challenge to conquer as he tries to defend his welterweight title for the third consecutive time since winning the belt in 2014.