Raptors superfan eats 17-year-old box of Vince Carter cereal

Back in 1999, Kellogg's released a special edition of Cocoa Frosted Flakes with NBA Rookie of the Year Vince Carter on the cover. Raptors fan Andy Pyne bought a box and kept it for nearly two decades - and finally cracked it open after Toronto advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history.

According to the CBC, Pyne made a bet three years ago that he'd eat the cereal if the Raptors ever made it to the ECF. Kyle Lowry delivered a stunning performance in Game 7 to lead Toronto to a series against the Cavaliers, and Pyne kept his word.

He brought the box to the St. John's Morning Show and ate the cereal on air.

Via the CBC:

"It smells like victory. A little bit of Vince Carter in there, some hints of Charles Oakley. There's definitely some [Andrea] Bargnani in there ... It's kind of like a spruce mulch. There's definitely some sugar in there."