Please Dana, don't let him: Dan Henderson reportedly wants Michael Bisping title rematch

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Dan Henderson has fought on through his legendary combat career longer than is healthy, but the future hall of famer write in blood the perfect ending to his MMA story, Saturday at UFC 199. Henderson took on Hector Lombard and, after nearly being knocked out-cold in the first round, came out in the second and put Lombard to sleep.

Afterwards, Henderson said he wouldn't make any decisions, immediately, but that he was at peace with what he's accomplished in his career and openly pondered retirement. According to senior editor Erik Fontanez, however, the 45 year-old may already have the itch to get back into the Octagon.

Though Henderson should just rest his mind and body and stop taking blows, it is hard to blame him for being addicted to KO wins, and the money and fame that comes with them. It is likely even harder for "Dangerous Dan" to hang up his gloves given who the new champion of his division is - Michael Bisping.

Henderson and Bisping fought one another, back at UFC 100 in July of 2009, after a bombastic season of TUF where they coached opposite one another. After months of trash talk from the gabby Bisping, Henderson scored one of the most memorable knockouts in MMA history.

In the second round, with Bisping continually circling towards Henderson's power-hand, the former two-division world champ connected with a punch that knocked "The Count" out on contact. Still, Henderson was able to kiss his glove and then literally dive towards the mat and land more shots to chin of an unconscious Bisping before the referee could step in and officially stop the bout.

Bisping paid dearly for his trash-talk. Perhaps the temptation of getting to hurt the brash Brit and score a third world-title in the process seems too hard to ignore for Henderson.

If the UFC does make that fight, however, they'd be ignoring Henderson's health and also fairness with who actually deserves a title-shot, next, at middleweight. As great as he is, and as dangerous as he will always be on any given night, Henderson is just 3-6 in his last nine outings, going back three and a half years.

Though the story-line may be good, Henderson clearly hasn't earned a middleweight title-shot, this time out. I still wouldn't be surprised if Bisping looks to avenge his nastiest loss and pursues this sellable rematch between two stars.

Only time will tell. We love Henderson's guts for wanting to fight on and to go for the title, no less.