PHOTO: Tasteless Jay Cutler t-shirt on sale outside Wrigley Field

Jay Cutler isn't the NFL's most beloved star. The easy-armed quarterback is usually the scapegoat for the Chicago Bears' struggles, but this won't solve anything.

While in Chicago for Week 2, Arizona Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers of came across a tasteless t-shirt for sale outside Wrigley Field, home of MLB's Cubs.

The shirt depicts Cutler holding a gun to the side of his head; the caption reads, "20 bucks says he misses."

If you're a Bears fan who's unhappy with Cutler's play, call for his retirement. Start a petition asking the team to trade him, or start rooting for another team altogether. Just don't wear a shirt that turns suicide into a joke and uses Cutler's image as the punchline.

Stay classy, Chicago.

(h/t @kentsomers)