MMA: Jessica Aguilar on Zoila Gurgel and Being #1

One of the most popular fighters in women’s Mixed Martial Arts, Jessica Aguilar has never been afraid to take on a challenge.

Last week, she faced and defeated Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii, the woman many believe to be the top ranked women woman in the world at 115 lbs.

“This is a huge accomplishment for me if you see who she is and what she’s done,” said Aguilar.  “She’s been an idol of mine since I started in this sport…It is like my trophy.”

For Aguilar the question from fans and analysts moves from “is she one of the best in the world?” to “what’s next?”

Bellator Fighting Championships has always praised Aguilar and in past interviews have said they’re dedicated to women’s MMA. But with the move to Spike TV and no women’s tournament tentatively planned, Aguilar is looking to other promotions to stay competitive.

“There are a few things in the works right now.  It’s not confirmed yet but there’s some interest in me fighting on the next Invicta [a new women’s MMA promotion] card,” said Aguilar.

She made clear the talks with Invicta are in the initial stages and nothing is set and hinges on Bellator allowing her to take the fight.

Aguilar as always is gracious and thankful for the opportunity to fight for Bellator.

One thing that could be in her future Bellator plans is a rematch between Aguilar and Zoila Gurgel.

Gurgel, the promotions 115 lb women’s champion, has been on the shelf since late last year with a torn ACL and was the last person to defeat Aguilar.

Gurgel didn’t take too kindly to Bellator promoting last week’s fight as a battle between the #1 & #2 women fighters in the world.

"I won. I beat them both. And to not get any sort of recognition, to be pretty much spit on, it was like, wow. I could not believe that,” Gurgel said on “The MMA Hour” earlier this week.

Aguilar thinks Gurgel is wrong and has lost her ranked status due to inactivity.

“I’m currently ranked #1 right now,” said Aguilar.  “The rankings are as is, I know she has the belt for the 115lb. division but the rankings are as is.

“If I was out for over a year I’d want to regain [my status],” Aguilar said.  “That’s how the rankings go and that’s how the rules go.”

As for a possible rematch with Gurgel she awaits word from CEO Bjorn Rebney.

“If that match comes around again and it’s a good opportunity for me and everybody wants to see that and it’s at my weight class, 115.  So be it,” said Aguilar.

In regards to her next Bellator fight, “I’m sure they’re going to contact me soon [about what’s next].”

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