When LeSean McCoy was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Buffalo Bills, he physically had to move 400 miles north. The football aspect of the move was so much more, however.

Not only did McCoy change divisions, but he also changed conferences, going from the NFC East to the AFC East. And believe it or not, but that's a big switch for a star running back, mainly because of the teams he won't be facing in the coming seasons.

In an interview for Maxim, McCoy opened up about his move to Buffalo, and what he'll miss about playing for the Eagles.

"I'm actually kind of happy to play against different teams," McCoy said. "I've been beating up on the NFC East. But I will miss the Giants, Cowboy games -- playing the big market teams. Tons of attention."

It should come as no surprise that McCoy will miss the heated rivalries of the NFC East. Year in and year out, it's one of the most competitive and most-watched divisions in football.

With regards to a team on the other side of the country, McCoy shared his thoughts on one particular running back who didn't run the ball at the goal line in the Super Bowl. That player is of course, Marshawn Lynch.

McCoy didn't knock Russell Wilson's ability, but he did say he believes Lynch is more valuable to the Seahawks, questioning if they would be a Super Bowl team without him.

"Look at Marshawn Lynch," he said. "If you take him off that team, are they a Super Bowl-bound team? Russell Wilson gets a lot of credit, but who's really the more valuable player there? I think many people would tell you Marshawn Lynch."

For the full interview with Maxim, check it out below.