Kerr out of Sunday singles

Cristie Kerr conceded her singles match to Karen Stupples Sunday when Kerr couldn't go due to a right wrist injury.

Per the captain's agreement, Europe gets a full point for Kerr's concession.

Kerr, the top-ranked American, and Stupples were set to go off in the anchor match. With the Solheim Cup tied 8-8 at the start of singles, the whole competition could've come down to those two, but instead, Europe took a 9-8 lead before the first match even made the turn.

"I'm devastated that I couldn't play today to help my team," Kerr said in a statement.

Golf Channel showed Kerr on the range, visibly shaken and in tears, getting worked on by a physical therapist. She was taken away to the locker room and Stupples went to the first tee to officially be conceded the match.

"I feel really bad for her," Stupples told Golf Channel. "No one wants to have this happen to them in a Solheim Cup. It's just such a shame."

Dottie Pepper of Golf Channel cited a report that said Kerr injured her wrist carrying luggage earlier in the week. The network showed a highlight from Friday where Kerr hit a drive and shook her wrist after impact.

Kerr played in all four team sessions this week and went 2-1-1. American captain Rosie Jones sent Kerr out in the all-important final spot and with a tight session of singles matches expected, the contest could've fallen on Kerr's shoulders.

"We were waiting it out," Jones said in a televised interview. "I feel really bad and I know she feels horrible. She feels she's letting down the team. Without her on the golf course, that's a little more difficult. Right now, it's unfortunate. Nothing we can do. You can't predict something like this."

Jones said she could've substituted Kerr completely off the team before the Opening Ceremonies. Jones stated she considered taking Kerr out of Friday morning's lineup, but she checked with Kerr and Kerr told her she felt fine.

Jones told Golf Channel she consulted with Kerr and physical therapists before each session.

Europe needs 14 1/2 points to wrestle the Solheim Cup away from the Americans, who've won the last three. The U.S. only needs 14 points.