Just how serious is the Cowboys' interest in Jared Goff?

The Dallas Cowboys plan to draft a quarterback in a couple of weeks, but will they do so with their top pick? Considering owner Jerry Jones is attending a workout with Jared Goff this weekend in California, it's a possibility.

First, the argument against this happening: The Cowboys own the No. 4 pick, and Goff very likely could be off the board by then. Plus, Jones admits that drafting a QB that high might not be worth it if that QB has to sit behind starter Tony Romo for several seasons.

"I can give you a real scenario where it can be real problematic if we do what we want to do and that's have [Tony] Romo play fairly injury free and uninterrupted for the next three, four, five years," Jones said, according to The Dallas Morning News. "Let's just go three, four five. If he plays uninterrupted then you've got a problem if you've picked quarterback this year because you don't know what you got really at a time when he may be entering the markets."

Now, the argument for it: Romo turns 36 on April 21 and is coming off surgery to repair a clavicle he broke twice last season, when he played only four games. And even though it owns the fourth overall pick, Dallas always could trade up.

More Jones (via The Dallas Morning News): "He operates in a pretty place. I like to have that excuse to go out there. No seriously, we are going to do a workout this weekend. It'll be Goff. Out there before their spring game."

We've already seen one shocking move, as the Los Angeles Rams acquired the No. 1 overall pick from the Tennessee Titans --€“ presumably to draft QB Carson Wentz (or Goff). And we could see another, whether it's the Cowboys or another team desperate for a QB.