In 911 call, woman claims home invasion may have 'something to do' with NFL player LeSean McCoy

Authorities in Cherokee County, Ga., released 911 audio Thursday connected with a reported home invasion, robbery and assault early Tuesday at the suburban Atlanta home of NFL Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

In the recording, a woman identified by her lawyer as Delicia Cordon – an estranged girlfriend of McCoy’s – describes being assaulted and robbed inside the home after at least two masked intruders allegedly broke in about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

“He took a diamond bracelet off my wrist,” the woman identified as Cordon tells a 911 dispatcher about one of the intruders, according to USA Today. “He just kept asking for jewelry. I think it has something to do with my ex-boyfriend.”

“He took a diamond bracelet off my wrist. He just kept asking for jewelry. I think it has something to do with my ex-boyfriend.”

— Woman identified as Delicia Cordon, speaking to 911 dispatcher

Cordon’s lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, said in a statement earlier this week that Cordon was struck in the face with a firearm multiple times by an intruder who “demanded specific items of jewelry” – items that McCoy allegedly wanted back from Cordon, the newspaper reported.

A woman who described herself as a friend of Cordon later posted a photo on social media showing Cordon covered in blood. Graham also released two images of Cordon that show her to be injured, the Buffalo News reported.

Cordon also suggests that the alleged intruders may have been familiar with the McCoy property, Atlanta’s FOX 5 reported.

“I think they were trying to avoid the cameras by going out the front,” Cordon tells the 911 dispatcher, according to the station.

Graham said that whenever Cordon refused to return items of jewelry, McCoy would suggest that she could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive, the station reported.

McCoy, meanwhile, wrote on social media that any assertions that he was involved in the alleged home invasion and assault were “totally baseless and completely false.” No charges had been filed against McCoy in connection with the case as of Thursday, though he has hired a high-profile Atlanta defense attorney named Don Samuel, according to FOX 5.

Records in Fulton County, Ga., indicate that an attorney for McCoy began trying to evict Cordon and her two children from the property in July 2017, FOX 5 reported. But Graham contends that Cordon and her children were allowed to remain there.

The Buffalo News reported that police have been called to the Georgia home three times since McCoy purchased it in August 2016. The first two incidents were described as domestic disputes that were ultimately resolved.

The third call came June 1, when Cordon reported seeing security video on her cellphone of people removing items from the house, the Buffalo News reported.

One of the people turned out to be McCoy’s mother, who reportedly told police she was removing her son’s belongings on his instructions. But police requested that she return the items to the house until a dispute between McCoy and Cordon could be resolved in civil court, the Buffalo News reported.