How strong is DeAndre Jordan? Go ahead and ask the rim he broke

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is arguably the best big-man dunker in NBA history. Every night he soars through the sky to smash one of Chris Paul's perfectly tossed lobs through the rim.

But during Saturday night's three-point loss against the Golden State Warriors, something odd happened when Jordan tried another one of his ferocious throw downs: The rim broke:

This was remarkable, and led to Stephen Curry getting fouled on a three-pointer at the other end because Paul was more worried about stopping the game and getting the rim fixed than guarding his man:

Jordan has 160 dunks this season, which leads the NBA and is 40 more than Anthony Davis, who sits in second place. It's a humongous part of his game, and precisely why he currently leads the league in field goal percentage -- for the fourth year in a row. This wasn't as impressive as Shaquille O'Neal bringing down the entire backboard...

...but it remains a perfect example of Jordan's pure strength. He's really good.