Greg Olsen is ready to hit the ground running in 2015, and one thing that he seems pretty uninterested in is the whole "Deflategate" deal. According to David Newton of ESPN, Olsen essentially thinks the entire thing is just a "huge mess."

"My initial reaction is it seems to be a huge mess over something relatively minor," Olsen told ESPN Thursday as Carolina players reported to training camp at Wofford College. "We're not privy to all the details. I didn't read the Wells report. I didn't read yesterday's ruling. I don't really care that much."

"It seems no one knows which direction we're headed. Unfortunately, now the whole thing has to go to court, which is probably the last thing anybody wanted when this thing started."

Obviously, Olsen is far more focused on things aside from Deflategate, just as most NFL players likely are. Olsen probably hit the nail on the head, though, as the whole thing truly is just a huge mess.

(h/t ESPN)