Frank Lampard jokes about his age, lack of pace

Frank Lampard is 38 years old now and he was never the fastest player to begin with, so he's definitely not a speed demon now. And when he got a look at his ratings for FIFA Ultimate Team, well, he saw just how slow people think he is.

Yep, that's a 36 rating in pace. Out of 100 ...

Lampard didn't get offended. He knows better. It's not like he's unaware of his age and he's become used to players running past him so this is a pretty fair grade. Good on him for being able to have a laugh at his own expense too. And as long as he continues to find his way into the box -- no matter how slowly he gets there -- to score goals for New York City FC, he'll be fine.

Cash them checks and score them goals, Frank, pace be damned.