Flames player gets opponent's stick lodged between his helmet and visor

Visors are typically supposed to help protect hockey players but sometimes they can cause trouble, too.

For instance, Flames rookie Matthew Tkachuk found himself in a precarious situation on Thursday night when the stick of a Canadiens opponent, Alex Galchenyuk, got lodged in between his helmet and visor. The awkward entanglement basically rendered both players useless as play continued around them, so a nearby referee blew the whistle for a stoppage.

The stick was quickly dislodged from the helmet without much issue.

I would imagine such a situation would cause a brief bit of panic for the player with a stick jammed just inches from his face, but thankfully Tkachuk escaped the incident without a scratch. It's not something you see every day (though it did already happen earlier this season) but it's still pretty funny to watch as long as nobody loses an eye as a result.