This Easter Sunday, what would "Breesus" do?

Before heading home to be with his family, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees went on his fifth USO tour to the Middle East, this time paying a visit to U.S. troops in Turkey, the Persian Gulf and Djibouti — what he called an "eye-opening experience" hard by the Horn of Africa.

"Every time I go and see the troops they believe so much in the cause and the reason that they're there," he told FoxNews.com. "There's just so much unity and solidarity within the military and that's great to see — that inspires you."

The gridiron commander told FoxNews.com that he "absolutely" considered joining the military before turning pro. "Both grandfathers of mine were in WWII, one in the Marines, one in the Army, so I grew up ... feeling like that was such a patriotic thing to do.

"And I always thought that if football didn't work out ... that that was definitely something that I would think about doing," he said. It's "another reason I go on these USO trips, just to share this experience."

The Saintly figure revered by fans as "Breesus" has never risen from the grave, but did overcome a 10-point hole against the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. He threw for a miraculous 82.1 percent completion rate — a Super Bowl record — and was voted the game's MVP.

But Super Bowl Sunday is one thing; this Easter Sunday he says he wants Americans to remember our troops, who "don't get enough credit," and set an extra place at the table for friends during the holiday.

"I'm going to be spending time with family and friends — got about 16 people coming to town from all over the country," he said.

But even after jetting halfway around the world he said that more than anything he's excited to watch his son Baylen hunt for Easter eggs. "He's 14 months old so it's kind of the first time he's out and about, running around, and that's really the experience that I'm most looking forward too."