Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone would probably be a fun wedding guest to have. The multi-division madman has stories to tell, is quick with a smile and is probably good at whipping those around him into feel-good revelry.

So, if you ever have a chance to invite the former bull rider to your shindig, you should probably go for it. Just don't do it for the gifts.

Teammate Isaac Vallie Flagg can speak to that. The fighter recently got married (congratulations!) and shared a video through Instagram of something Cerrone left for him (warning: NSFW).

It was a rock with "Cowboy" written on one side, and "f-ck you," scrawled on the other (above).

"It's the sweetest message I've ever gotten. Thank you, 'Cowboy'," Vallie Flagg narrated.

In all seriousness, that wasn't actually Cerrone's wedding gift to the newly married couple, but it is funny to see the little ways he can make his presence felt at an event, even after it's happened.