Cowherd: Warren Moon explains why NFL teams need the preseason

Many NFL players, coaches and fans believe the four-game preseason lasts too long, and each and every year stars across the league suffer injuries in meaningless preseason games that can derail their year before it really begins. According to NFL legend Warren Moon, however, the exhibition games serve an important purpose.

Colin Cowherd welcomed the Hall of Fame quarterback to The Herd Tuesday in Houston ahead of Super Bowl LI, and while Cowherd is a vocal advocate of cutting preseason games from the NFL schedule entirely, Moon believes they're a vital part of a team's preparation.

Cowherd: If I told you 'preseason or Pro Bowl, eliminate one.' What would you get rid of?

Warren Moon: The Pro Bowl. The preseason you need. You need [it] to get ready for the season.

Cowherd: Tell me why you need it.

Warren Moon: First of all, you've got a lot of young players that need to play under the lights so you can see how they play in a game situation, and there's no way to simulate that unless you put them in a game, right?

I'm talking about rookies, I'm talking about free agents - you also have veterans that come from other football teams that need a chance to get integrated with their teammates in a game-type situation. So you need to go through all these situations in a game, with the lights on, with a crowd, with noise and all the different things you're going to deal with in the regular season.

Colin Cowherd: Why can't you do that in a scrimmage?

Warren Moon: Because you don't have all the other things that are involved, like I'm talking about. There's not 40,000, 50-60,000 people at a scrimmage. College teams do it [without a preseason] by playing stiffs. Most of the time, three of those four games that they have are against teams they know they're gonna win, but they get a chance to bring their team together.

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