Boston Red Sox fans briefly delay game by using cellphones to distract Detroit Tigers batters

Boston Red Sox fans caused an unusual delay Wednesday night in the seventh inning against the Detroit Tigers.

Fans using their cellphone lights during the Tigers’ at bats were apparently distracting the batters during the inning. Tigers’ player Nick Castellanos alerted umpire Mike DiMuro about the lights, which prompted Ron Gardenhire to come out to try and get it to stop.

“You ever tried to hit with a light like that in your face? It’s not supposed to happen,” Gardenhire said after the 7-1 loss. “The umpires should have, in my opinion, stopped it right away. They see it happen — it’s right in dead center field.”

Red Sox security asked fans in the centerfield bleachers to stop using their phones as flash lights, and play continued. Castellanos singled to center later in the at bat.

“The fans are just having fun. I get it. But when it’s in dead center field, my hitters are looking right into it. It’s dangerous,” Gardenhire said. “It’s very dangerous, if you’ve ever been trying to hit with a light in your face. So, we just couldn’t let that happen.”

Red Sox manager Alex Cora joked after the game that the phones were “a good weapon.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.