A year ago, Draymond Green said Cavs 'suck' during Warriors title celebration

A year ago, the Golden State Warriors were the ones who were crowned champions. And with that came a celebration in front of their fans, reveling in their Finals win over an injury-depleted Cavaliers squad.

Draymond Green took the moment to rub it in, saying the Cavs "suck" during an interview.

"Klay Thompson, yup," Green said. "Splash Brothers, yup. Cavaliers, NOPE. We won, yeah. They suck, yeah. We here, yup. They not, nope."

Green was paying homage to E-40's "Choices" remix at the time. With the Cavs now the ones on the winning end, we're dying to know if any of their players will have a special message for Draymond.