Zak Bagans of 'Ghost Adventures' Seeks a (Live) Home Buyer

Zak Bagans, lead ghost hunter of the spirit-searching " Ghost Adventures" show, is hoping to snag someone on the earthly plane: a buyer for his mansion in Las Vegas, now priced at $2,499,000.

Bagans bought the 5,822-square-foot home in May 2014 for $2.1 million. He put the mansion up for sale for $2.6 million in February, but, like photographing floating orbs, finding a buyer has proven difficult. He's since reduced the list price by $100,000.

The five-bedroom home was custom-built in 2008. It features a wine cellar that can hold more than 400 bottles, a home theater, and a master suite with its own fireplace and mini living room. The home isn't exclusively about material abundance; spiritual items -- religious icons such as the giant Buddha statue by the geometric pool -- can also be found throughout the house.

The sale price is unlikely to include the Buddha statue -- or Dr. Jack Kevorkian's " death mobile," which the ghost hunter recently bought for $32,500. But perhaps their spirit will remain.