Undulating and Fascinating Wave House in Venice Is a Dreamy Domicile

Designers invest time and effort to ensure the interior spaces of homes flow just right. In the case of this unusual California home, equal time was spent on the undulating flow of the home's exterior.

Known as the Wave House, this architectural delight in Venice, CA, was designed with the ebb and flow of an ocean in mind. Up for sale at $6.5 million, the spec house has rather unusual features. The architect's website describes the home using words such as "skin" and "feathers" -- terms not usually associated with residential construction.

Architect Mario Romano, who designed the home, used computer software to create some of its notable features. The outside is aluminum, which was digitally shaped and custom cut. Over 300 pieces were used to wrap the frame as a skin. Each wave line you see is a space of exactly one and three-quarters of an inch.

There's a series of ribboning aluminum on the home's poolside exterior, which looks like water ripples. According to Romano's website, the same software "used to design automobiles, aircrafts, and boats" was used to create the effect.

Then there are the "feathers," which loom over the pool. They're a series of cut aluminum pieces shaped like unruffled feathers. Aside from their pleasing aesthetic, the feathers are also functional, circulating air throughout the 5,700-square-foot home.

Inside, the home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Computers were also used to design some interior details -- wall patterns mimic parts of nature, including the tree shape in the kitchen, pseudo stonework in the bathroom, and zebra pattern elsewhere. (You can learn more about this flowing home in the video below.)