Tips to Make the Most of Your Living Space

Whether you are trying to thrive in a tiny apartment or are looking for ways to make the most of your existing space without building an addition, there are simple ways to�� maximize your living area. Before you do anything else, you should go through what you have and purge what you do not need. Keep things neat and organized, as clutter consumes small spaces. Here are five general space saving tips:

Buy multipurpose furniture
Make the most of your furniture by having it double as storage. Select a coffee table with drawers. Use a chest or ottoman for three things: a table, footrest and additional storage. Install low bookshelves along the back of the sofa to create another table surface and more storage space. Use a pull-out couch, sofa bed or futon that can function as a sitting area during the day and extra sleeping space at night. There are even some sofas that you can transform into bunk beds. See if you can install a bed that folds into the wall. Find chairs that you can stack when you do not need them.

Build upward

Think vertically to free up as much floor space as possible. Use tall bookshelves and cabinets instead of short and wide ones. Look into angled cabinets and shelves so that corner space does not go to waste.

Loft your bed to make the most of your floor space. If you decide against lofting your bed, and your mattress frame is low to the ground, use risers to bump it up for easier access to under-the-bed storage space. Utilize this area as an extension of your closet. You can also buy a bed frame that has built-in shelves.

In your kitchen, hang your pots and pans to free cabinet space. If your cabinets do not extend to the ceiling, fill that space with baskets. This is an aesthetically pleasing way to store anything you want. Remember to place labels or little cards on the front of each basket so you remember what is in each of them.

Use tension rods

You can use a tension rod to store cleaning supplies in spray bottles. This is particularly useful in the under-the-sink cabinet where the pipes often take away from usable storage space.

Find creative ways to organize your child���s things

Save space by finding a place for your child���s toys. Ceiling nets are great for stuffed animals. Install a peg board within your child���s reach so he or she can keep bags, smocks and other items off the floor.

If you have a new baby and are short on space, install a fold-down changing table. It frees floor space in a small nursery, and you can use the storage nooks for diapers and wipes.

Create the illusion of more space
Even if you cannot physically increase the square footage of your living space, you can decorate in a way that makes it appear larger. Hang one or two large mirrors on the wall to add depth to the room. You can also use the mirrors to reflect light and brighten up the room. Place a lamp in front of the mirror or position the mirror across from a window.
Another way to trick your eyes is to paint your walls a light color. If you have your heart set on a deep plum or midnight blue, paint one accent wall, preferably one with windows or openings, the dark colors. Offset it by painting the other walls a light or neutral color.