The 5 Most Fabulous Features of Las Vegas' Famed Primm Ranch

Reportedly called " Wonderland" by none other than Michael Jackson, Primm Ranch -- the 10-acre estate built by casino mogul Gary Primm -- is about to go on the auction block. It's currently up for sale with a list price of $14.5 million.

Located on Tomiyasu Lane, just five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, this ranch exceeds all expectations.

In fact, this Las Vegas megamansion is so over the top it was impossible to pick just one feature to highlight, so we settled on the five most extravagant areas.

The theater

Many mansions have a home theater, but this one has style to spare. With velvet-lined walls, torch lighting, and art deco wall panels, the theater transports you back to the golden age of Hollywood.

Besides style, the theater also delivers substance: 10 reclining seats, a bar, a popcorn machine, and a wine cellar. The room also comes with its own air-purifying system.

"The owner liked to smoke cigars, so he has a system were exhaust fans push the smoke out of the room and pump clean air in," says listing agent Kristen Routh Silberman.

-- -- --

The indoor shooting range

Primm's a hunter, so the ranch has an indoor shooting range. It could be turned into a ballroom or basketball court, too, Silberman says. The shooting range also has an exhaust system.

-- -- --

The equestrian center

The property's many acres are devoted to fun. There are trails for four-wheeling, a golf driving range with an automatic ball return, and an outdoor kitchen. However, the largest outdoor structure is the professional-grade equestrian center.

"There are probably 4 acres devoted to the equestrian center," says Silberman. "There are eight outdoor/indoor stalls, four pastures, exercise arenas, and a trainer's apartment in the barn."

-- -- --

The 20-car showroom

While the home has a four-car garage for daily use, it also has a 20-car showroom with features that will make gearheads swoon. There's a mechanic's station with a hydraulic lift and a car wash.

"It has all the big brushes and sprayers just like any car wash, except this one uses deionized water so the sports cars don't get spots," Silberman says. Of course!

Bonus: The ranch also has its own gas station.

-- -- --

The grotto

And now we come to our personal favorite feature: the pool. There are waterfalls and waterslides carved out of a rock mountain at the base of the pool. It looks like something out of " The Flintstones" at first blush, but this awesomely cave-man -- style pool is hiding something incredibly cool.

Underneath the rocks is a grotto with a whirlpool. There's also a small bar and a guest suite located inside the grotto. Hugh Hefner would be proud!

The auction is being held by Concierge Auctions on Oct. 10. Who's ready to start the bidding?