Prepper's Paradise: High-End Texas Home With Bunker to Survive Apocalypse

This resort home in Possum Kingdom Lake, TX, isn't just a great place to enjoy the good life. It's also the perfect survival spot for when the good life comes to an abrupt end. That's right -- this luxury home doubles as a prepper's paradise.

Listed for $985,000, the three-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom home has all the modern conveniences and amenities (including incredible lake views) buyers want, but there's more.

The entire basement has been converted into a fallout shelter that could sustain you, your family, and many of your friends for years to come.

"From the main level of the home you are totally unaware that all of this is there," says listing agent Dee Dee Jordan with Pondera Properties.

Jordan is referring to the 1,000-square-foot bunker that comfortably sleeps 12 using a system of military-style bunk beds. And everyone will be able to sleep soundly and live securely regardless of what's taking place in the outside world. The two-by-four reinforced steel walls and periscope viewing system have you covered no matter what's heading your way.

The bunker is outfitted with everything you need to survive in style, without having to venture topside, for years to come.

The house comes with an NBC filter system to provide fresh air. If that fails, there are "six compressed air tanks for backup oxygen," says Jordan.

To keep the lights on, the heat churning, and the food cooking, there are tracking solar panels, a backup generator, and a 1,000-gallon propane tank.

And, speaking of food, in one of the most interesting deal-sweeteners we've seen, the home will come with a fully stocked pantry of MREs and other survival meals, enough to last 10 years for 12 people, according to Jordan. But you won't be stuck eating entirely out of a foil pouch -- hydroponics are also down here. "There is an Ebb Monster system for growing plants," Jordan says.

The bunker also has a full kitchen, living space, bathroom, and laundry facility so life can resume as normal downstairs while all hell breaks loose above ground.

Speaking of all hell breaking loose, if someone (or something) does come at your bunker, you've still got a plan B. "There are two additional hidden escape hatches in the bunker for exit in the event of damage to the primary entrance," Jordan says.

While you wait patiently for the world to end, upstairs has plenty to enjoy. This high-end survival home has an open floor plan full of quality finishes. For example, the custom kitchen has rich hardwood cabinets, stainless-steel appliances, and a massive eat-in bar.

The spacious master suite has an en suite master bath with soaking tub. Outside, there's plenty of porch space, incredible views of the lake, and even a putting green.

We think it's a great spot to enjoy life's greatest pleasures -- while you still can.