Prepper Property for Sale Offers Independent Off-Grid Living

We've uncovered a prototypical American prepper home -- designed with safety and luxury in mind. Set on a pastoral 29.3-acre lot in Jonesborough, TN, this ranch home is fully constructed from American-made materials and can hold fast for several months if (or when) society goes bust and the grid blinks out.

Up for sale at $895,000, the house comes with geothermal heating, a generator, and other off-grid power systems, which are "engineered to be … able to maintain independent living for three months or more if needed," according to the listing.

As the rest of humankind devours itself, a new owner can bide his time in the spacious climate-controlled lower level, which comes with a vault room, shelter pit, and workshop. Built in 2006 on a hill, the house allows you to watch the world crumble from a 2,032-square-foot, cantilevered wraparound deck dotted with square skylights.

The 6,054-square-foot home features built-in wood cabinets and hardwood floors throughout. The en suite master bedroom is on the main level, while the wood-and-granite kitchen with skylights sits on the upper level. The property offers abundant space for end-of-the-world storage: Besides the prepper shelter, there's a 2,400-square-foot barn and a large unfinished attic, which can hold emergency rations and water.

The house seems to have more than what's visible in the listing photos. Google Maps shows an image of the heavy-duty fence in front of the property. And the listing promises "a more detailed list of the extensive systems" during a tour, if you're approved to see the place. So, if you're in the market for a house to own at the end of the world in Tennessee, make your move. Proper preparation is paramount!