Got an old pool noodle? 6 clever uses for everyone's favorite summertime toy

Pool noodles are a summertime staple. Yet while we're accustomed to thinking of them solely as flotation devices, it turns out these buoyant polyethylene cylinders are multitasking mavens suited for tackling a wide range of challenges and annoyances around the house.

In an effort to open your eyes to all of the cool things a humble pool noodle can do for you, check out this list of noodle hacks worth trying this summer. They're pure genius — both in the pool and out!

1. Childproof a sharp corner

If you're not prepared to pack away your favorite tables just because you have a little one running around, let a pool noodle take the edge off. Simply cut the noodle to your desired length, cover up the dangerously sharp spots, and the table will be baby-proofed in no time.

2. Sidestep toe stubbing

Sometimes grown-ups need a little support when it comes to safety. If you're tired of stubbing your toes or whacking your shins against your bed frame, let a pool noodle soften the blow.

3. Use it as a doorstop

Say goodbye to pinched little fingers (and all the tears that typically ensue) by using a pool noodle as a doorstop. If tempers flare and your tots tend to take it out on the door, this wedge of foam curled around the edge will eliminate that shocking slamming sound as the door bounces back open.

Bonus tip: During the cold winter months, tuck the pool noodle beneath the door to seal any gaps that are letting in cold air, creating a cheap chill chaser.

4. Use it as a sock saver

Ever wonder where your socks disappear to on laundry day? Odds are they've fallen in those grimy, lint-filled crevices between your appliances and the walls — yuck. But placing a pool noodle between your appliance and the wall will save you the pain of squeezing your arm down there to retrieve the spare clothes, change, and other items that end up there.

5. Organize your fishing rods and other tools

No more untangling or tripping over your gear in the garage. Keep your fishing rods in order with this simple pool noodle rack. This trick also works for other sports equipment, including golf clubs, baseball bats, ski poles, and hockey sticks.

6. Protect your car (and your garage)

If you have a small garage, you may regularly dread trying to slip out of your car without scratching your paint—or worse, denting your doors. A well-placed pool noodle can cushion the blow and keep your car doors safe from scrapes.

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