Pillars Estate: A Haunted Mansion in New York Could Scare Up Serious Cash

Constructed in the 1880s, the Pillars Estate in Albion, NY, is the embodiment of Greek-revival style. From the roaring lions greeting you to the disembodied voices inside, this mansion offers it all: post -- Civil War architectural details, modern renovations, and the perfect setting for a ghost story.

Yes, that's right. The estate, which is listed at $1 million, also comes with some permanent guests. As in apparitions.

Cue the organ music. The ghostly rumors began when the home was being renovated to return it to its original grandeur. A family member sitting outside the home saw a child peering out a basement window. Not long after that, a workman swore he heard another child talking to him.

And they're not alone. The classic woman in white has been spotted lounging in a bedroom, and the homeowners and staff members have heard strange footsteps from behind them on the stairs.

No one knows why these spirits would decide to stay, but if you're going to need a spot to haunt for eternity, the Pillars would be it. The home retains many of its historical details, but it's been brought up to date with a number of renovations.

According to Cora Goyette, a representative for the property, many original features are still intact, including the hand-carved doors, the fireplaces, the windows, the shutters, and the hardwood floors.

"The owner's family members, craftsmen themselves, came from Scotland to do some of the early renovations, which included all of the ceilings," Goyette says.

The home was converted into apartments in the '60s, but it has since been turned back into a private residence. The home has six bedrooms, a ladies' parlor, a gentlemen's study, and a tearoom, which "has a real sense of stepping back in time," Goyette says.

In each room, the homeowners were careful to retain (or restore) the period details of the historic home. For example, one bedroom features a wood-burning fireplace and marble mantel, hardwood floor, and chandelier hanging from a ceiling medallion.

The spaces that received a modern face-lift also sparkle. The grand ballroom, one of Goyette's favorite rooms in the home, was added four years ago. The kitchen upgrade included stainless-steel appliances and an island with plenty of surface space.

For history buffs, the home offers an interesting past and a claim to (some) fame. It was built as a private home and working dairy farm for William Carr, according to Goyette. Carr's second wife, Patricia, moved to the home from New York in the '40s and kept a journal about her life in the area. It was eventually published by Carr's grandchildren as " The Long-Legged View."

Today, the home has a special-use permit to hold events such weddings. It's featured on the Haunted History Trail of New York State. And when it comes to finding a buyer, Goyette thinks the home needs "a family seeking a large country mansion, reminiscent of a bygone era."

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