Palace of Rock History: Frank Zappa's Estate Is on the Market for $5.5M

Ever wanted a home where you can feel history? Feel the rock and roll? Frank Zappa's home is now on the market. As expected from the rock and roll icon, the estate is bursting with eclectic decor, memorabilia, and quirky contrasts.

"You feel the history in the house. The studio is the original that Zappa used. It is filled with memorabilia -- you know he sat there with other artists. You can feel the rock and roll," listing agent Rayni Williams told us.

The legendary Los Angeles estate is listed for $5.5 million and features seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a rooftop tennis court, as well as two guest cottages, and even vintage submarine windows.

The quirky home interior is contrasted by the classic and very European outdoor gardens and sitting areas. Almost every room in the home has immediate access to the outdoors. The vast amount of gardens and sitting areas are described as "magical" by those who have visited.

"When you walk into the house you enter into a massive kitchen that has a very special feel," said Williams. The spacious, un-kitschy kitchen even has commercial-size appliances.

Though there is always a high demand for celebrity homes, the Zappa house has had an especially large response. Though it isn't rare to find a Los Angeles home with a famous owner, Williams told us. "The Zappa legacy is huge. We've had a huge response from the almost cultlike Zappa following".

A home with "a few lifetimes' worth of astounding art, musical instruments, recording gear, artifacts and memorabilia", as described by the Los Angeles Times, now faces an uncertain future as the Zappa children fight for their inheritance.

Much of the memorabilia and equipment have been removed as Zappa's children sort through his possessions and archives. In fact, this palace of music history still has the underground storage chamber known as "the vault" -- the chamber where Zappa kept his archives under lock and key.

Even if the next buyer isn't a musician, it will be hard not to rock this house.