No Library Card Required: Curl Up With These Homes That Have Their Own Library

School is back in session and students are heading to the library, where they'll spend hours hunched over a community desk in an unforgiving chair. While pondering the difficulty of achieving actual peace and quiet in a public place, we discovered a better way to hit the books.

It's a simple (yet ambitious) solution: Build your own library.

We found eight homes with libraries that a bookworm could relish burrowing in. From dark wood-paneled rooms to light and bright spaces for studying, these rooms make the annoying hum of fluorescent lights a dim memory.

Address: 10 Emerald Lake Dr, Palm Coast, FL

Price: $639,000
Must-reads: People may think of libraries as dark and foreboding, but this reading room proves them wrong. With plenty of natural light, this library is the perfect place for studying or daydreaming.

-- -- --

Address: 7008 Reverchon Ct, Colleyville, TX

Price: $939,000
Must reads: This two-story library is perfect for a quiet study session. When you need a study break, head through the french doors to a massive outdoor patio.

-- -- --

Address: 2750 W Forest Hills Dr Flagstaff, AZ

Price: $959,000
Must reads: This library is a page turner! With wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling shelving, there's enough space to hold an entire college education's worth of books (and your stash of Danielle Steel). For true book lovers, there's also a built-in desk and sliding ladder.

-- -- --

Address: 140 Carnoustie Way, Fayetteville, GA

Price: $2,390,000
Must reads: With rich, dark wood shelves, a massive fireplace, and plenty of seating, the library in this custom home is perfect for your collection of leather-bound first editions.

-- -- --

Address: 107 Library Pl Princeton, NJ

Price: $2,650,000
Must reads: It figures that a home on Library Place would have an amazing library, and this home doesn't disappoint. Centered around a large fireplace, this room is perfect for hosting a salon.

-- -- --

Address: 1116 Bellewood Rd Anchorage, KY

Price: $2,850,000
Must reads: This old Kentucky home has tons of Southern charm thanks to its torch lighting, fireplace, and rich wood paneling. It's ideal for kicking back with a classic and a tumbler of bourbon.

-- -- --

Address: 75 Sargent Rd, Brookline, MA

Price: $5,250,000
Must-reads: With more than 6,000 square feet of living space in the house, there's plenty of room to stretch out for an afternoon of reading in the library. With a fireplace and gorgeous wood paneling, this room is a classic.

-- -- --

Address: 727 Smith Ridge Rd, New Canaan, CT

Price: $8,900,000
Must-reads: With a tray ceiling, wood paneling, and a large fireplace, this library invites you to relax and curl up with " The Ice Storm."