Make Window Seats Great Again With These 7 Beautifully Modern Ideas

When you think about window seats, is the first image that comes to mind one of a stiff bench covered in gaudy floral patterns and your grandmother's weird porcelain doll collection?

Yeah, it does for us, too.

But turns out we've got window seats all wrong. Today's window seats are anything but dated, stuffy, or ugly.

Think bright light. Think comfy reading nook. Think storage. The modern window seat is versatile. It can work in your kitchen, in your bedroom, or filling up that not-quite-sure-what-to-do-here space on your landing. And the look is totally up to you.

Whether you're looking for modern and bright or dim and comfy, we found seven of the coolest window seats on the planet. Get ready to get your remodeling on.

1. Sleek and sophisticated

Sure, these lucky homeowners have a great bay view, but the real genius behind this window seat is its sleek, streamlined look. A simple modern design adds comfy seating without taking up a ton of space in a small room.

-- -- --

2. Mid-Century Modern

Designing a window seat around this contemporary aesthetic will give you the best of both worlds: style and comfort. Here, hairpin legs are added to the base of a window seat to make it feel lighter.

-- -- --

3. The royal treatment

Have a slightly outdated window seat in your house? Jazz it up with throw pillows and bright curtains to add a hint of color to the room. Here pink and teal in soft, velvety fabric are used to make an otherwise run-of-the-mill window seat feel like a retreat for a young princess.

-- -- --

4. Big and comfy

Window seats don't have to be small. Go bigger, and the whole family could have enough room to stretch out. Add a hinged lid to the top of your window seat, and that napping space will have the added bonus of providing a ton of storage.

-- -- --

5. The reading nook

The window space between two built-ins is often wasted. Instead of shoving one awkward chair or decorative table in the space, opt for a small window seat. You'll get more seating and a finished look without blocking any of the window light.

-- -- --

6. Rustic yet elegant

Window seats don't have to be feminine or frilly. This window seat is fit for Ernest Hemingway himself. It's rustic with a minimally treated wood base, simple adjoining built-ins, and an exposed beam ceiling. Break out the Scotch and cigars!

-- -- --

7. The art form

Go big with an accent wall, and add a small window seat in the center of an otherwise plain wall. The bright colors of the seat and recessed wall, against the neutral shades of the room, absolutely make this space pop.

-- -- -- -- --

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