Jean-Claude Van Damme Is Splitting With His $10 Million Mansion in Marina Del Ray

Ridiculously bendable action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme is splitting with his home in Marina del Rey, CA. The Muscles From Brussels actor just roundhouse-kicked the house onto the market for $9.99 million, according to Curbed.

The three-story, 7,574-square-foot house might be worth a death fight with Bolo Yeung for the rooftop deck alone, which offers ocean views and a fireplace with a built-in, flat-screen TV above it.

An elevator whisks guests from floor to floor, so you can zip from the rooftop down to the wine cellar and back without missing a beat.

And while there are several televisions located throughout the house, you should opt to watch the latest releases -- or maybe "Bloodsport" for the umpteenth time -- in the plush home theater.

The six-bedroom home was custom built in 2011 for a buyer who didn't play Guile in "Street Fighter: The Movie." When Van Damme acquired it in 2012, he gave the home a distinctive Eastern feel with Asian sculptures and paintings throughout.

After a hiatus from big-screen blockbusters, Van Damme, who will turn 55 this October, made a memorable jump back into the public spotlight two years ago by suspending himself between two moving trucks with a full-legged split for a Volvo commercial.