I'm on a Houseboat: Buy Your Way Onto the Water for $158K

Sailing takes you away … to your own little home on the Long Island Sound. OK, fine -- we'll admit this 1983 Sundance houseboat can't actually sail, but if you're looking to live the leisure life within a two-hour commute of New York City, you can't find anything better (or more affordable).

This $158,000, two-bedroom houseboat located in Port Washington, NY, is currently under renovations -- a process that can be completed as quickly as the buyer would like, according to listing agent Uri Barkai of Charles Rutenberg Realty.

Once the work is complete, the new owner of the 44-foot-long boat can look forward to new hardwood floors throughout, a lofted space, and a tiled, mirrored foyer.

"Everything will be new and repainted," Barkai says.

Sure, it's not the most spacious place to live -- it is a houseboat, after all. But as Barkai says, the home is all about the lifestyle. "Living in the water, it's absolutely very unique. It's a great community. Nobody bothers you," he says.

Whether you want to live that lifestyle year-round is up to you, although the home is ready for full-time living. Don't buy the home without a good idea of what life on the water is really like. In fact, we recommend sleeping on it for a few nights before making the plunge. No one wants a big-ticket purchase to doom them to a life of nausea and misery.

And make sure you budget for fees. For example, the slip fee, which allows you to dock at the harbor, will run you $950 a month. Maintenance will also cost far more than a similarly priced home. Remember, your new boat is tossing and turning in the water all day, especially when a storm's brewing. It might get a bit banged up.

The houseboat has two decks: The larger one is located atop the boat, while the itty-bitty one is off the kitchen -- and perfect for enjoying your morning coffee.

The big deck? That's for parties and "fun :)," as the listing declares.

Barkai says the upper deck has room for "quite a lot" of people, definitely more than a dozen. Start scheduling your parties now: We're sure they'll be a hot-ticket event during the heat of the summer.

And who cares if a houseboat costs a bit more in the long run when you can invite your best buddies over for a sunset brewski? Blast "Margaritaville" on the stereo, look out on the Long Island Sound, and remember you're living the good life. Definitely not the bad life. You can't live the bad life on a houseboat.

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