How to feng shui your tiny apartment

Living in a tiny space doesn’t necessarily have to mean sacrificing design, or in this case, feng shui. Here are some basic guidelines for maintaining good flow, however small your space may be.

Establish the command position

In feng shui, the command position, or power spot, is the point of the room where you feel safest and most in command. In this case, it is often the spot located directly opposite the door. You can easily see the entryway, thus giving you the best control (both visually and physically) of your space. If you’re living in a studio apartment, this will mean that you’ll have to decorate and rearrange furniture around your bed. Try using room dividers to make your space feel more like a larger apartment.

Declutter your life

This is an important standard not just in feng shui but in all aspects of life. Physical clutter translates into emotional turmoil and can leave you feeling unnecessarily stressed. As always, you can use self-storage to take care of any excess furniture you can’t part with quite yet. If you find yourself pressed for space but unwilling to invest in self-storage, storing vertically can be a lifesaver and will offer some unique and practical wall decorations.

Incorporate mirrors

The No. 1 problem with small spaces is that they’re too small for your big world. Mirrors are the key to bypassing this conundrum. Not only will they give your apartment the impression of being more spacious than it actually is, but they’ll easily place you in the command position, as they enable you to see what’s going on behind you at all times.

Additionally, keep visible knickknacks as decorations to a minimum. If you do have too many decorative objects, try to organize them together as a group. Overall, your objects and furniture should accompany and complement one another, not compete for attention.

Keep your entryway clear

In feng shui, the three most important spaces are the kitchen, the entryway and the bedroom. If you live in a tiny apartment or studio, then most likely these are your only spaces. The important thing is to make sure that your entryway is clear. Avoid cluttering your pathways as well so that good energy can flow throughout your apartment easily.

Personalize to make yourself feel ‘at home’

It can be difficult to feel “at home” and truly personalize your apartment if you know that you’ll only be staying there for a short amount of time. Even so, good feng shui means truly feeling comfortable and in tune with your living space. Surround yourself with artwork or decorations that are inspirational to you to encourage good energy. If you’re thinking about painting the walls, make sure you unify the color and theme with the room at large, accommodating the existing color of your furniture or making changes accordingly to fit your new color template.


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