Household Hacks That Dads Will Totally Love

There's no doubt about it: Dads have a lot on their shoulders if they own a home. They move absurdly heavy objects from place to place! They mow the lawn on scorching hot summer days! They expertly grill emu burgers for unsuspecting guests!

Bottom line: Home maintenance is both a point of pride and a huge headache. That's why, just in time for Father's Day, Dan Marshall -- author of the hugely popular " Life Hacks: Helpful Hints to Make Life Easier" -- has come out with a new collection of shortcuts just for Pops: " Dad Hacks: Helpful Hints to Make Life Easier."

To lift heavy objects…

Give your poor back a break: Rather than loading books or other heavy items in cardboard boxes and risk having the bottom fall out, try this brilliant alternative: Pack them in a suitcase with wheels, and pull it wherever you need to go.

-- -- --

To never lose the TV remote…

Attach adhesive Velcro to the back of your remote, and the corresponding piece to another spot within reach of your seating area, like the back of your coffee table. That way, it has a permanent home to lessen the odds of your wildly hunting for the remote through your house.

-- -- --

To test if batteries are dead…

Speaking of that remote, is it just not working? Simply remove the batteries and drop them negative side down on a hard surface, and see if they bounce. A fresh battery contains a gel on that end that will cause it to fall with a thud, whereas a dead one will do a little bounce -- meaning it's time to grab new batteries.

-- -- --

To keep from pulling out the power cord…

Every dad has done it -- plugged in a drill or vacuum, then stretched the cord until the plug was pulled out. To keep this from happening during home maintenance, attach a coat hook near the socket and wrap the cord around it to keep it in place.

-- -- --

To keep smelly shoes from stinking up the house…

Yes, dad feet are smelly beasts, but you can curb those noxious fumes from spreading throughout the house by placing a dry tea bag inside each shoe after he's kicked them off.

-- -- --

To keep garden tools from rusting…

Fill a container with builder's sand (sorry, beach sand won't cut it), and plant your tools in it handle-side up. This will keep your tools from rusting, plus the abrasive texture will keep them sharp.

-- -- --

To keep burgers juicy on the grill…

Nothing's better to a dad than the scent of char-grilled meat. To keep those delicious burgers from drying out, here's a nifty trick: Press a dimple into the top of your patties, and place an ice cube there to keep the meat moist while it cooks.

-- -- -- -- --

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